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Mill On Wheels

Mobile Olive Milling

Templeton, CA 93465
(805) 591-0609


Mill On Wheels uses milling equipment manufactured by Alfa Laval, the premier choice of olive millers around the world.  The mobile mill processes your fruit from start to finish, from washing to crushing, and from malaxing to separating in the self-cleaning vertical centrifuge.  The process is a two phase, first cold press extraction.  The resulting extra virgin olive oil can be certified organic if the olives are certified organic, thanks to our CCOF certification,.

One of the benefits of Mill On Wheels is the variable speed decanter.  Variable speed enables immediate and precise adjustment of olive paste residence time in the decanter, which is important to maximize oil percentage yield related to olive varietal, ripeness, vegetable water content, etc.

Mill On Wheels utilizes Alfa Laval's self cleaning vertical centrifuge as the final oil polishing step.  The machine provides in-line cleaning of centrifuge disks during operation, resulting in maximum oil yield and consistent removal of all trace sediments. 

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We have other pictures of the Mill On Wheels including a home movie of the mill in action.
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