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Mill On Wheels

Mobile Olive Milling

Templeton, CA 93465
(805) 591-0609

Mobile Milling Goods & Services

MOW - Mill On Wheels provides
  • Trailer mounted olive milling equipment
  • Electrical power source
  • Fork lift with bin dumper (at customer request)
  • Expert milling labor
Customer must provide
  • Adequate site for the 36 foot Mill On Wheels trailer to pull in, set up, and turn around to exit.  The site should be level.
  • Fruit picked and brought to the mill.
  • Potable, laboratory tested water connected to the mill by a food grade hose.
  • access to sanitary facilities (toilet and sink)
Mill Services and Goods available from Mill On Wheels
• Flushing of each olive oil container with Argon gas $5.00 each
• Milling service per ton (2000 pounds) of fresh fruit
more than 100 tons: $305 per ton
50 to less than 100 tons: $340 per ton
10 to less than 50 tons: $385 per ton
1 to less than 10 tons: $430 per ton
Less than one ton: $0.33 per pound but not more than $430 (Small Load Day only)
• Co-milled extra charge $120 per Malaxer (1400 pounds)
• Additional charge for certified organic set-up $150.001
• 5 gallon food grade container $15.00 each
• 55 gallon plastic drum open top $95.00 each
• Food grade liner for 55 gallon container $3.00 each
• use of enzymes $0.005 per pound
• Olive oil laboratory testing for free fatty acid
    and peroxide delivered in 1 day
• Travel charges above 50 miles round trip $1.50 per mile per vehicle each way plus per diem

1 Mill On Wheels is a certified organic handler through Kitehawk Farm by CCOF

Please call (805) 591-0609 or contact us using our web form for more information about these goods and services and how they might apply to your estimate of your olive tonnage.

Feel free to download the milling service agreement and the Mill On Wheels worksheet.

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